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Rivendell School facilitates weekly workshop sessions for students on a Friday afternoon. Covering a range of activities and interest areas, the workshops provide students with an opportunity to engage in small group activities and improve their social skills. 

A selection of past workshops for include:

Learn to DJ and how to make radio

An opportunity to learn all about DJing and making radio. The sessions will focus on developing student skills in track selection, mixing, radio announcing and recording, editing skills (using software such as Logic), interview skills, developing radio packages and podcasts. Students will work towards developing a “Rivendell Radio” podcast.


The Enviro-workshop focuses on learning about and appreciating the natural environment around Rivendell. In the workshop students learn how to up-cycle materials to make boomerang bags, ‘green-up’ spaces with living art, create mini-gardens and conduct a riverside makeover.


The Music workshop focuses on music appreciation and the fundamentals basics of playing the guitar. Students explore different types of music genres and are encouraged to bring a piece of music that they wish to share with the other students. A fun, interactive group which is open to all music levels.


Students move from station-to-station where they are able to engage in various exercises that focus on improving fitness, strength and endurance. A great way to stay fit and have fun while finishing their week on a high come join the gym gang

Mad Science

Science at it’s most craziness! The Mad Science workshop leads students through an exciting fun fuelled adventure into the world of science inquiry. Rivendell Mad Scientists participate in hands on activities where things will go boom, overflow and perhaps make their hands a little bit dirty.

The mission, to spark student imagination and curiosity through fun, entertaining and educational activities where students learn what science is really about and how it affects the world around them. It’s totally whacky, totally fun!


This drama workshop provides students with an opportunity to have a lot of fun whilst learning the fundamental principles of improvisation.

This workshop enhances student teamwork and communication skills; the ability to think on your feet; confidence; and performance/presentation skills. Students are given countless opportunities to explore their imagination in a fun and safe environment! All levels of experience are welcome – no previous improvisation or drama experience required.