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Sulman program

The Sulman Program is a flexible, alternative educational program for students in Years 11 and 12, who for emotional and/or social reasons, are not attending a school, despite a history of various interventions.

These students, typically with a mental health diagnosis, require a small supportive environment and a Personalised Learning Plan (PLP) in order to gain their academic and vocational goals. The Sulman program comprises both an academic and social skills component. A transition pathway is planned for all students on exiting the program.

Criteria for Selection

The program usually targets students in Stage 6 who:

  • are not attending school because of emotional and/or social reasons, despite previous interventions
  • are motivated to continue formal study
  • have had difficulty formulating a vocational/education plan
  • are independent travellers, or are working towards being able to travel in the community independently
  • will commit to timetabled work plan both at home and school

Mode of Operation

All students have a Personalised Learning Plan and an Individual Transition Plan. Students are enrolled in Sydney Distance Education High School for their Stage 6 academic program. The Sulman program teacher will assist parents and students with enrolment procedures, supervise and monitor all work programs and assist with resources to complement course work. 

Rivendell School works jointly with Sydney Distance Education High School staff to implement programs which meet students’ needs. Parents and students are encouraged to attend Study Days etc, which may occur on days when they are not attending Rivendell.

At any stage of the program, students may elect to return to a mainstream school and/or a TAFE or OTEN to achieve their educational/vocational goals and/or to complete their studies.

The Referral Process

Referrals can be made through the Learning Support Team of the student’s home school (Department of Education). Enquiries can be made through the School Counsellor or Learning Support Team at the student’s home school.